Food Poisoning

Vomited in the office yesterday and I immediately left work. Felt so sleepy while driving home. Slept as soon as I got home.

Woke up and sipped water slowly. An hour later I vomited again and I know I would need to starve myself or I’ll risk throwing up again.

Woke up this morning still feeling weak. Was asking myself if I’m fit to go to work. I had wanted to but then I know I’m still not well. I reminded myself that work can wait and I must take care of my health.

Went to see the doctor and rest at home. Arranged my wardrobe and trying to make space for more clothes. Did laundry and allowed myself to watch Korean series.

It was good to just rest for a day and let the body recharge. It’s December tomorrow, we are just a month away from 2012.

One thought on “Food Poisoning

  • December 1, 2011 at 10:10 am

    Take care & get well soon!

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