I went swimming on the third day that I was off work due to my panic attack. It was just me and another man in the pool. I swam my regular breast stroke. As I stopped to take a breather after a few laps, the man in the pool initiated a conversation with me.

“You are very good with your breast stroke. Don’t you swim other styles? You should swim all the strokes if you can.”

“Freestyle is very tiring for me.”

“Go ahead. Swim. Try. Let me see.”

Being the obedient me, I swam.  😆

He pointed out to me that my legs were sinking which was why it’s tiring for me as I needed more energy to wade through the waters. So I tried again, this time trying to get my feet as close to the water surface. And I felt the difference.

Then, he asked if I knew how to swim the backstroke.

“Yes I do but I always either knock my head or my hands when I reach the other end.”

“You have to estimate and count as you are approaching the end. Go, try and swim.”

The obedient me swam again.

“You shouldn’t close your mouth when you are doing the backstroke. You have to open your mouth. It’s ok if the water gets in.” He continued to show me how to let the water flow out when the water gets into the mouth.

But I don’t remember doing any of those when I learned how to do the backstroke many years ago.

Anyway, I will be practising my freestyle stroke when I go swimming the next time because I think I can burn more calories doing it and it’s not that tiring if I do it the right way.

Thank you, Uncle!

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