New Home

It’s good to be back. The special thing this trip back home for CNY is that we get to stay at the new apartment. Well, just me and my sister for now. Pappy still loves the old house. Mummy is busy with things at the old house too. We’ve been making trips to be with them during the day and coming home to the new place at night to sleep.

The interior is simple and nice and my room is painted with two tones of white and light purple. Each of us has the room painted in their own preferred colour.

I’ve been telling my sister of how much I like this place and wished if only this whole apartment is in KL. It’s new, not filled with too many stuff, in fact it’s very empty now, and it’s so easy to clean! This is how I like a home to be. Simple and nice.

But my wish is never gonna come true so I’m going to cherish every moment I have and again hope I could make another trip back this year to stay in this new place.

Time to get our of my lovely new bed! Happy Chinese New Year Eve and have an enjoyable reunion with your families!

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