Pray For MH17

I woke up feeling groggy (in other words still depressed), lying on the couch, still trying to get a grip of myself. My sister came and sit next to me and switched on the TV, not something she would usually do on a working weekday. Next, she told me about the plane crash. I turned to look at the TV which was showing images of the plane burning and a big headline over CNN channel. I immediately went into a panic attack. An intense one that is, followed with 2 drops of tears.

I called out to my sister but I guess she was too focused on the TV. It was after my third call-out for her name did she realised I was trembling. She stroked my back to comfort me and then she switched channel. It was a bit too much for me to bear.

I was okay listening and watching the news after that in the afternoon. A very sad day indeed.

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