Pray for MH370

I’ve been following the news of the missing aircraft MH370 since I woke up yesterday as soon as I saw a news being shared on Facebook.

I’ve been watching the news on TV be it on CNN, Astro Awani and Al Jazeera the whole day. Have also been following news online but I’m not fully believing everything that I’m seeing on Facebook.

I just feel very sad and the reason of me trying to catch every news that I can is just to hope that there is a clue to this mystery and that there will be good news.

The first thing that came to my mind when I woke up this morning was still the missing aircraft. And again, I was reading the news online but so far no sign of the aircraft has been spotted.

This is not helping and I have to relax a bit now and get back to my life. Life has to go on but I’ll continue to hope and pray.

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