Retail Therapy

Ok…so I thought it was going to take some time before I get over what I wrote in my previous post. Surprisingly, after bawling out here and talking to Mum, I’m all good now, all cured.

I just got to remind myself to look forward and not look back.

I like it that it’s a long weekend. Spent the day talking to a friend for 4 hours. Then I went shopping by myself and bought some new clothes. Came home, watched tv (like for real) since it’s been awhile since I actually sit down and really really watch something and focus on it and enjoying the content.

Folded clothes for more than an hour…yea it’s like 3 full load of clothes unfolded and I got to do it at one go. Love it that I’ve cleared the little “mountain” that’s building up on my sofa!

I still got a lot of things I need to do but I’m not going to push myself like crazy.

My goal now is to de-stress, restore beautiful skin, be healthy and be happy.

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