Second Opinion

Wasn’t very happy with the dentist today. Found out I was given a different set of anti-inflammatory pills as originally intended. She claimed it was the nurse’s fault but I’m not sure. What I didn’t like was that she wasn’t able to give me a clear picture of what she can do with my bottom wisdom tooth that is the one causing the pain. She suggested removing the top wisdom tooth and see how it goes.

Went to see a doctor too as I was having flu and cough on top of the wisdom tooth that gave me problems. The nurse working there knew I just came back from visiting the dentist and asked which dentist I went to. She told me she doesn’t like the one I saw. Haha.

Anyway I came home feeling not convinced and assured so I thought of seeking a second opinion with another oral surgeon. He was so confident and said he could remove the tooth for me there and then. There’s no need to remove the top one but just the bottom. I felt better though still feeling scared. I’ll be scheduling an appointment with him soon. Another x-ray to be redone as the one I have wasn’t clear and detailed enough to show the location of the nerves.

Now I got make sure my cough and flu are completely healed. Too much self-thinking done today. Time for bed.

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