Spring Clean

It’s 3.30am and I’ve been awake for more than an hour. In fact I didn’t feel like I’m gonna get any sleep when I slept at almost 12am. I just feel very awake, even at this hour.

It could be due to the late shower with hair wash or the late light dinner at 9.30. I’m a little hungry now actually. It’s just not a routinely normal day for me. Could have been too obsessed and pre-occupied with the idea of house cleaning and decluttering.

I’ve been spring cleaning the house since Friday. And a cleaner came to help out with the cleaning today from 3pm to 8.30pm. It is still not 100% done when she reminded me about washing the curtains but I really am going to stop cleaning already for now. There’s no end to housework anyway. Sent her home as it was raining and she had a lot to carry.

My hands and feet are dry from over washing. Donated lots of clothes away. Some are old. Some doesn’t fit me anymore because I’m fatter. Some I’ve been battling to keep it because I feel it’s a waste to give away but in reality it’s just a feeling and that I don’t see myself wearing something again if I’ve not worn it in a year or more.

I’m not going to buy something if I’m only 80% liking it. It has to be 100% liking it or at least 90% to eliminate the risk of buying clothes that I hardly wear.

Decorated the house too. Love the mini LED red lights at the balcony. My dad is a genius because he came up with a way to solve the electrical part. I have always loved man that can do a little plumbing, fixed some electrical stuff and some other stuff you’d require a man to do in the house.

Oh, and I’m thinking about money issues and the need to change job but battling the thoughts with the comfort and convenience I’m enjoying now. My mind is just full. A little too much at this hour when all I need is sleep.

Anyway, I’m still happy that the house is cleaned and looking forward to my balik kampung trip.

One thought on “Spring Clean

  • February 4, 2013 at 8:18 am

    ๐Ÿ™ i will learn how to do electrical n plumbing ๐Ÿ™
    i only know how 2 cook and clean toilet ๐Ÿ™

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