The Key

When I left for work this morning, Pappy locked the door for me. When I came home today, I was looking for my keys and I couldn’t find them! Gah!

I knew I must have left putting the keys in when I switched bags last  night. And the fact that I didn’t use the keys to open the door for myself and lock the doors today didn’t give me any warnings.

So..I started thinking of what I should do. I didn’t have any car key with me as well since today I carpooled with a colleague. If I had, I would have drove to get the other key set from my sister. I feel a little sad that there’s only a few that I can call. A few is so overrated, in fact I only have one person  in mind that could actually save me while I’m keyless.

I’m glad that person was available and so we went for dinner while waiting for my sister to finish work so that we can enter the house together.

Lessons of the day:

1. Touch my keys before I walk out that door every morning.

2. I am in need of more friends that stay nearby. My close friends…they are just so far from me.

One thought on “The Key

  • July 15, 2012 at 1:37 pm

    i don stay that far 😛
    but now i know….why u refused to have multiple hand bags 😛

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