The Weekend

I’ve not had a weekend like this for a long time. Went for a movie. Thor: Ragnarok was a lot of fun! Had ramen at Menya Musashi and it tasted so good, most probably because I’ve not had it for a long time too. Went for a quick coffee at Pattisez before our Thai massage session. The masseur was working on my legs while I worked on getting my Korea trip photos out in Instagram. Looking back at photos after a vacation brings so much joy. Posted a blog post which has been saved as draft since forever (Nov 2016). Went for zumba in the park on Sunday morning. Sarawak laksa and Teh C (milk tea) for breakfast. Laundry. Smoked salmon salad and wild mushroom soup for lunch. Inside Scoop for ice cream and waffle. 3 episodes of Korean drama – “Criminal Minds”.

Coming back from Seoul a few days ago has set me thinking differently a slight bit. My heart seems lighter too. I was all tensed up prior to the trip as I was busy planning the itinerary. It’s my 3rd trip to Seoul and I would have thought it would be easy to come out with the itinerary. It’s easy but I make things difficult for myself. This is my husband’s first trip to Seoul and I wanted it to be a good one for him, hence the pressure that I put on myself.

Was also rushing for work till the last hour before the trip. I’m always the busiest before I travel. It’s like the universe knows I’ll be away and work comes flowing in only when your travel date is near. Bleh.

During the trip in Seoul, I was a little tensed too and I worried a lot if the travel plan was coming along well and if my husband was enjoying the holiday. I enjoyed the trip but I just realised I didn’t let my hair down completely.

So this particular weekend, the first weekend after the trip, I wanted to just zero out. I’m listening to piano pieces by Yiruma as I’m writing this. I was happiest when I write. I don’t know why I just stopped writing. Time is one. Busyness is second. I don’t know when I’ll be writing my next post but I really want to continue to write regularly again.

Because it feels like home.

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