Time for a Break

I made a decision to quit my job and take a break. I tendered my resignation yesterday.

I sensed a pile of burden being lift off my shoulders and a sense of peace as opposed to feeling tightness in my chest just the day before. This was one of the body warning signs I didn’t want to take lightly. I still have my trembles in the morning when I wake up but I sleep better now. I hope it gets better.

Having said that, I will still need to serve my notice period and during this time I will still do the best I can but I’ll have to make sure I do not bring work home or even think about it once it’s after office hours.

This experience has once again taught me more about myself, what I can do, what I want to do, why I’m feeling this way and how to manage things moving forward.

This would be the first time since 2006 when I quit a job without having a new job offer in hand. I was young then so it wasn’t that scary and it didn’t require too much thought as to now 8 years later, where I’m in my 30s and should be working hard for my career. I’ve not had any long breaks in between job change and it has been 8 years too.

Thinking that while I still can and can afford to, this seems to be the only long break I can give myself before I look for another job, get married and just spend the time to do the things I’ve always wanted to do.

This is the kindest decision and the best gift I’m giving myself.

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