Weddings and Babies

It’s the wedding season again. I’ve been invited to 4 weddings from October onwards but can only attend 3.

I just attended a Kadazan wedding last night so it was a new experience. Didn’t know the wedding couple though because I just tagged along with dad.

There are babies popping out the last week or so of my friends’ and a cousin’s. All in all, I’m happy for them but can’t really feel how happy I would be if I were them until I land in the same position myself.

But one statement from my mum just hit me last night. “Everyone’s daughter is getting married, except mine.”

Not the kind of statement I’d like to hear. 🙁

I’m sure the day will come, it’s just not now.

Typing this from my iPhone in the dark. My parents are still sleeping but I woke up really early, the effects of jet lag is still with me. Catching a flight later back to KL where I’ll need to change mode and be a grown up.

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