Week 7 – Post Op

Both eye pressure came down to my delight at 17 for the right and 14 for the left, as opposed to 19 for both eyes last week. I’m happy my vision is improving with the stop of all eye drops, except to use preservative-free eye drops to keep the eyes moist and lubricated. It helps with my vision as well. Doctor said it wasn’t avoidable, as much as I was respondent to steroid, there was a need to use the eye drops. I guess  he understood what I had to go through.

When I see things outside under the sun, it is crystal clear. Very happy! 🙂 Vision indoors are dependent on the light type. I seem to see better under golden, yellow kind of light instead of white fluorescent light. There are less details to it and sometimes gets clear every time I use artificial tears. Doctor says it’s a case of dry eye so I hope as the eye continues to heal, the dryness will go away too. There is no changes to my short-sightedness but there is still some astigmatism detected and tested in both eyes. The positive side of things is that the astigmatism was higher last week and I’m hoping it will go down further, though doctor says the power is little and I don’t have to do anything about it.

With that, there was no need for dilation and I was sent home in a jiffy. My next checkup is not next week but in 6 months’ time. I wasn’t expecting that long a gap because I’ve been seeing the doctor every week for 6-7 times now since 28 November 2012. But it also means there is no problem with the eye and I have to continue to be patient as the eye continues to heal and for the vision to stabilize hopefully by my next check up in 6 months.

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