Week 8

Went swimming for the first time after 6 months (since the beginning of the eye checkup journey, surgery till minimum recovery period before hitting the pool again). Not quite an enjoyable one as the pool was a little tad murky but it feels different to be swimming without vision aids. I was very careful with the eyes, making sure no water is touching it.

There is no major improvement that I can notice this week. Probably there is little but too little for me to notice. I’ve been very diligent with applying the artificial tears to keep the eyes as moist and as lubricated as possible. I still don’t like what I see in low light condition. Outdoor is still good and I’m sometimes awed by the sharpness of the details and the crispiness of the image.

Still worried actually but under control. It doesn’t help that my working place is dead cold and air is dry. I’ve been popping those tears in more than ever this week. Doesn’t help too that my job requires me to be in front of the computer for long hours.

Hoping for a better Week 9.

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