Week 9

I’ve started taking bilberry supplement on top of flaxseed oil which I’ve started taking earlier. I don’t feel any drastic change this week but maybe there’s this little tinge of improvement. Sometimes I don’t try that hard anymore to look at things. Deep down I just know I can see better so I’m going to wait it out and do all that I can to achieve that. Eyes can get blurry when tired, especially when staring at the computer for too long, especially when I’m really focused and working on detailed tasks. My job involves staring at the computer for at least 8 hours so I can’t erase this part but I’ll incorporate more blinks in between, or just to close my eyes for awhile to let it have a rest. I’ve been doing warm compress for the eyes too at night. I’ll get a hot towel and cover it over my eyes for a couple of minutes. I’ve read it helps with dry eyes and to help with blood circulation. One thing I notice is that the dark eye circle is lightened. This is a problem I’ve had since forever even if I have enough sleep. It just looks worse when I don’t have enough of sleep and after a long, tedious stare at the computer. I’ve also tried using preservative-free artificial tears of another brand called Vismed. This is more moisturising as I don’t have to apply too many times a day when I just started with it. But then again, there are just days when the eyes are just more tired and dry. I don’t even know if it’s dry or tired anymore. I don’t really feel the dryness in fact, but each time I apply the tears, it just helps with the vision so I guess dry it is.

All in all, I just need to make sure my eyes are well rested, I eat properly and healthily. I’m going back to see the doctor to have my eye pressure checked and to see if the remaining astigmatism is still there. I will be 2 months after surgery by then.

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