Weighing Myself

Last Saturday, I went to see the psychiatrist again. I told him I’ve stopped the second medication which helps in boosting the anti-depressant that I’m taking. I were to take it for another 2 weeks or so but I just couldn’t do it anymore. The medicine made me gain weight and have an increased appetite. My mind will always be craving for food, especially sweet ones. I actually felt better after stopping it because I won’t always have to battle with myself and to control the unnecessary urge for food. I’m on a mission to lose weight before my pre-wedding photo shoot. Gown fitting is approximately one month away and yes….I am doing everything I can to be as slim and fit as I can be.

I’ve lost 2kg since I’ve stopped the second medication. There’s another one that I’m maintaining though. Technically, I feel I’m fully cured but I’ll have to follow the doctor’s advice to maintain it for another month before slowly tabling it off. I’m looking forward to that day to come. I get more done these days. There is motivation. There is a goal I’m working towards.

Sometimes I still get a bit overwhelmed. Like today, I have many things on my mind. I came home and write it all down in a list so that I can have an overview of it in paper instead of having it all scattered in my head. I feel better already. There are things which would take me ages to do last time but now it gets simpler because sometimes I just act on it than to think about it too much.

I do that at work too. I will jot down the things that I’ve learned, no matter how small..to build my confidence that I’m learning something everyday. There are of course things that I still don’t get my head around it yet but I’m sure in due time, I will. So long as I keep improving myself and be the better me today than yesterday, I’m all good.

My latest hobby is weighing myself on the new digital scale that I’ve bought yesterday. I’ve also been doing workouts for the past few days, following the videos here: http://www.livestrong.com/blog/10-free-workouts-get-fitter-stronger/

Some of it looks simple but when you start to do it, it’s not simple as it seems. I actually sweat more doing these workouts than when I play tennis.  I feel happy just looking at myself sweat! 😀

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