Wisdom Tooth is Back to Haunt Me

I started having sore gums after lunch yesterday but brushed it off as maybe just food particles that could have been stuck in a deep pocket between the gum and my last lower tooth. It has happened before probably 1.5 or 2 years ago but because the pain finally subsided so I just thought not to mess with it if it’s no longer painful.

Last night I woke up to some unbearable pain. I just couldn’t get back to sleep. Swallowing saliva was so very painful. I frowned each time I did that. There was nothing that I could do except to wait for morning to come and to hope I’ll get a slot of time at the dental clinic.

Managed to get a walk-in slot with a new dentist because my dentist is always fully booked. The nurse was kind enough to let me in at 11:45am instead of 5:15pm which she originally suggested.

The dentist joked about me looking cute with my lop-sided face. Yup, my left side of the face was indeed swollen and I have trouble closing mouth fully as doing that would have the upper molar tooth diving straight into my painful swollen gum.

She even reminded me its unfortunate that I’m getting this on International Women Day. I wasn’t spontaneous enough to counter her jokes, I could only respond with a smile because when you have a pain like that, usually you’re not really in the mood.

Had my X-Ray done and there’s a hidden wisdom tooth lying beneath my gum. I need to go on soft diet for 2 weeks. No nuts or Pringles. I can take meat but it must be sliced into tiny pieces.

I may need to have my wisdom tooth removed. Top and bottom. I really don’t like the idea of it. The last time I had my wisdom tooth surgery, I survived on porridge for 2 months and it took a few days for the bleeding and oozing to stop.

I’ll be dropping by the dentist again on Monday once the swelling subsides a little for the dentist to advise on what is to be done next.

Oh my teeth, whyyousolikethat?

P/S: And not forgetting my encounter with a cockroach when I headed to the bathroom to check on my teeth around 3am. Killed it.

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