Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Had my wisdom tooth surgery done yesterday. I don’t like the feeling of waiting before a surgery. It took me the longest time to have my breakfast because I had no appetite but knew that I had to eat something before the surgery. So I had a few grapes, an apple, bread and a cup of honey just before leaving the house.

Mr.Boyfriend took the day off to be with me but at the sight of him, tears started flowing down a bit. So much for trying so hard to be calm and collected before that. Haha.

The doctor told me of the risk and complication involved. Risk of nerve damage that would cause the lip to be numb permanently. He also told me he won’t know the exact location of the nerve until he goes it and open up the area. Depending on how the nerve entangles the tooth, he may remove the whole tooth or leave a portion of the root inside.

My face was covered with a piece of cloth, leaving only the mouth area exposed. Was given anaesthetic for the tooth, gum and jaw, which surprisingly wasn’t painful. After that, there were lots of noises.  My tooth was cut several times with what seemed like an electric saw. Couldn’t see so can only imagine. More cutting and more pulling and towards the end I started to feel some pain.

I was given a gauze to bite on and 2 kinds of painkillers in case I react to any of it. Voren and Tramal. One may cause gastric, the other may cause vomit. I do not wish any of those symptoms to happen to me.  I went home after 40 minutes. Relieved myself with cold pack while I waited for the painkiller to take effect and it lasted till around dinner. It hurt a lot when I was sleeping at night even though I had already popped in a painkiller around 9:30pm. Depended on the cold pack again but it didn’t seem to work but somehow I felt asleep after that.

Today I’ve not taken any painkillers yet. I hope I don’t need to take them if I can. Never really like taking painkillers unless I absolutely have to. The nurse called too to ask about my situation. How nice and thoughtful!

I will be on soft diet till I don’t feel anymore tinge of pain/swelling. Hopefully in a week’s time where I’ll meet my oral surgeon again for my follow-up appointment. My doctor is good and I’m glad I went to see him. He made the whole procedure as painless as he could.

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