I think I’m going to like sleep like a pig tonight. I REALLY HOPE!

I can sleep right now but I’m too full.

I also hope to resume my normal life next week. It’s been ages since I last cooked. I’m looking forward to the 3-day break but at the same time still contemplating if I should work to earn some money. Will decide on Monday…if the workload is kind to me, I’m gonna give myself a break. Else, probably work one day out of the three since the work will be waiting for me by the end of the holiday…and no one’s helping.

I want my life back.



Don’t know what’s wrong with me. Been 3 days that I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep well.

Too many things I’m worried about because I find myself waking up with a heavy heart, thinking either about things I have to do, things that are not solved yet, things that are pending.

I need to learn how to relax and manage stress even if it gets too overwhelming.

It’s 4am and I’m crying for no reason. I don’t mind if it helps to release some tension.


Air Tickets

I’ve spent most of my money on flight tickets within these days. It’s not even funny.

First, there’s this KL-Seoul return ticket that I’ve bought for next year.

Then, there’s this KL-KK return ticket for 2.

Followed by, KL-Singapore return ticket.

The best part is….after buying the KL-Singapore ticket, I just realised my visit coincides with Singapore F1 Grand Prix..which means hotel rates are ridiculous. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry but I have to be there anyway F1 or not so I’m finding ways to justify my spending.

The only way I can ¬†comfort myself is by telling myself, “Money earned is to be spent and money can be earned again.”

Happiness Is...

Happiness is…#60

Finding an old friend from Facebook. Someone I’ve not met for about 20 years.

A boy from primary school and I hope I get to meet him next month.

Happiness Is...

Happiness is…#59

Winning a lucky draw!

Iris and I was having lunch and while we were eating, I saw the karaoke sign and thought about the birthday vouchers I still have. Free one head charge.

And so we tried our luck if any room was available. Was told that it’s their anniversary and they have a lucky draw. Was asked to pick a ping pong ball from the box and voila…The color denotes – Free head charge for all in room.


Almost, except for the compulsory titbits we had to pay which is RM11.60. We were supposed to sing for only 3 hours but no one came with the bill so we sang up to 4 hours till we can’t bring ourselves to sing anymore.