You Will be Missed

I was trying to fall asleep but just can’t because I’m thinking about a friend. I was having dinner at Pavilion with my sister when suddenly I received a call from a friend telling me of a sudden bad news that my ex-classmate has passed away.

He wasn’t someone I expected to be the one who would be telling me the news because I don’t think he really knows her so I thank him for actually thinking about telling me. The only relation is that they met during my Chinese New Year open house in Sandakan.

I’m not very close to her but every year when I go back to Sandakan, we would meet up with the other girls to catchup. Every year without fail, she’ll come visit me on the first day of CNY for my open house. She’s just a very sporting, friendly and a cheerful girl.

She left us due to meningitis today and I’m saddened by her sudden death because she’s so young. It is disturbing and made me want to treasure life even more because we don’t really know when our last day will be.

This is the first time, someone from my bunch of classmate has left us and it’s a little hard to accept because there is so much ahead of her but now she’s gone.

Life is short. I just want to love the people around me and wishing they’ll be happy and live life to its fullest way possible, healthily and responsibly. We may not be able to control everything but at least we can respect life the best way we can.

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  • October 1, 2012 at 8:31 am

    Yeah….life is short and there are many things that we cannot control or predict. We can only cherish people around us, and also love ourselves more. Live life to the fullest. 🙂

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